The 7 Most Important Things to Do When Starting a New Job

Well done, so you’re starting a new job! It can be exciting and scary – you’re making a life change, advancing your career and it’s likely that you’ll be out of your comfort zone – for a while, at least. You’re bound to feel some anxiety, but there are certain things you can do to give yourself the best possible start. Keep scrolling for a list of the 7 Most Important Things to Do When Starting a New Job. 

1. Take a Break
Pamper yourself – you deserve it after landing this new job. So, schedule in a holiday between leaving your old job and starting a new one. Use this time to fully relax, recharge and get a few things done. Maybe treat yourself to a new outfit or two. When the day comes around, you will be much better prepared both mentally and physically for the challenge ahead.

2. Review Your Skillset
Your new role may require you to use some old skills as well as some relatively new ones. Prepare for this by studying up on certain skills that you are rusty on and maybe read up your old study notes, or maybe even do an on-line course in certain software that you haven’t used for a while. Whatever you think you may need, do it. It will give you confidence and reduce your stress levels.

3. Be Aware of the On-Boarding Process
You should know enough about the company you are joining by now, but make sure you contact HR and are aware of what to expect on your first day/week, where and what time you need to arrive, who to ask for at reception and what you need to take with you on your first day (bank details, ID, laptop, stationery etc).

4. What to Wear
You probably wore your best outfit for the interview, but that isn’t necessarily what is required of you on a daily basis. However, unless you have discussed this with your new boss already or HR or your recruitment consultant, err on the side of smart on your first day. And make sure you have enough outfits ready for the week in advance to reduce the stress each morning.

5. Arrive in a Timely and Stress-Free Manner
Make sure you plan your route in advance, where to park, where to get on and off public transport and so on. A quick call to reception or HR may reveal some important tips. Make sure you have some cash on you for fares, parking, lunch etc and allow extra time to ensure that you arrive in plenty of time for a stress-free start on your first day.

6. Check Out Your New Colleagues
You will no doubt be introduced to a few new faces and names in your first few days/weeks. Check out the company profile on LinkedIn beforehand and memorise a few important names and some of the people you might be working with on a daily basis. It will help you to remember those faces and give a good impression when you address someone by their name so soon after starting. You can also check out others that you are introduced to later on using LinkedIn.

7. Be Polite and Friendly
You can be sure that people will be judging you on your first few days and most of them will want you to do well. So, be polite, be friendly, be helpful and pay attention to whatever is said. Especially names. If you don’t catch a name, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat it.

So, remember the 7 Most Important Things to Do When Starting a New Job and, above all, enjoy your first day and the start of your exciting new career.

Good luck!